Pender Red   (Didget League)
Pender White   (Didget League)
Pender Red   (Bronco League)
Pender White   (Bronco League)
Pender/BRLD   (Pony League)

Field Locations

Main Baseball Complex (Dave Nitzchke Complex):

Take Hwy 9 into Pender until you get to the Phillips 66 gas station. 

Turn west, and continue past the High School / Library, until you reach the complex. 

Baseball field is located to the left of the Legion Field. 

Field is @ Intersection of Whitney and Slaughter Streets.


Heyne Field
Take HWY 9 into Pender

Stay on HIGHWAY 9

HEYNE FIELD is located on the Northeast Corner of the Football Field

Town Representatives

Chris Brader

318 South 1st Street
Pender, Neb 68047
Cell: 402-922-1200