Wayne Blue   (Didget League)
Wayne White   (Didget League)
Wayne Blue   (Bronco League)
Wayne White   (Bronco League)
Wayne   (Pony League)

Field Locations


Field Directions - from the EAST

You will enter Wayne on Highway 35

Turn south onto Dearborn Street (by ShopKo)

Then turn left onto 4th Street

Then turn south onto Deaborn Street and you enter the complex


Field Directions - from the SOUTH

You will enter Wayne on Highway 15

Turn East (right) onto 4th Street and proceed until you have to turn south on Dearborn Street

Follow Dearborn into the complex


Field Directions - from the WEST

Enter Wayne on Highway 35

Continue driving through Wayne and then turn right onto Deaborn Street (by ShopKo)

Turn left on 4th Street and then turn south on to Dearborn and you will enter the complex


NOTE: Games are NOT PLAYED at Hank Overin Field. All TLC GAMES are played at the Wayne Summer Sports Complex

Town Representatives

Wendy Heikes

85334 579th Ave

Wayne, Neb  68787

Home Ph#: 402-375-4799

Cell Ph#: 402-369-0968

Email: heikesw@yahoo.com



Chad Dorcey

305 South Windom Street

Wayne, Nebraska  68787

Cell Ph#: 402-369-2788

Email: chad.dorcey@titanmachinery.com