2021 - Operating Rules


  The league was established in March 1999, shall be called "Tri County Baseball League".
1)  All affairs will be handled by the Board of Directors (BOD).

     The board shall be composed of ONE representative for each town, regardless

     of the number of teams in the league.
2)  Only towns with a team(s) in a division having been a member the previous season, shall be permitted to vote.

    League Officers shall be elected each year. 
    The BOD shall elect a President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

    The three officers will be called the Executive Board.
1)  The executive board need not be a member of the BOD.
2)  Any officer may succeed himself / herself.

1)  Two-thirds (2/3) of the BOD must be present to make any rule change,

       and carry a simple majority in voting matters (51%). 
2)  Need 12 teams to be present at meetings to make any rule changes for 2020.
3)  As of 1/01/20 there are (18) towns participating in the league that can vote (2 new teams for 2020)

     Total 20 Towns

4)  Seventeen (17) towns with teams that participated in 2019 may vote in meetings scheduled in 2020 
4)  Each town is entitled to one (1) vote per division in which they had a team

     represented the previous year regardless of the number of teams in the division.

1)  New towns wishing entry into the league MUST submit their request to the League

     President prior to the first scheduled meeting of the new season.
2)  They will be asked to be present at that meeting to present their formal request.

3)  After their request has been made, they will be asked to leave the meeting to allow for

      open discussion by the BOD.
4)  A vote will be taken at that meeting and the results communicated by the League President.

A meeting may be called by the League President or at the request of two or more members of the BOD.

One person from each town shall be notified by telephone or by mail five (5) days prior to the meeting.

1)  Birth certificates need not be furnished for league play but be available upon request

     by the executive board.   
2)  Official team rosters will be submitted to the League President at the final meeting

     prior to the start of the season.

     Changes to this roster may be made prior to July 1.

     After this date, no changes will be permitted without the executive board's approval.

         Note:  Girls are allowed to play in the league at this time.




BOD Approved: 4/7/19


1) Violation’s that ARISE OR ARE REPORTED to a League Officer will be investigated immediately

    to determine if the information received is accurate.


2) League President will contact the Town Representative(s) with the reported violation or procedural

    concerns and ask for their assistant with investigating the information


3) Violations are related to League Activity ONLY and may include anyone involved directly or

    indirectly with the league {town, team, umpire, coach, player or parent}


    NOTE: Depending on the severity of the event the violation per the League President may go directly

                to the REVIEW COMMITTEE for a decision



  1. If a violation or Un-sportsman like conduct has been confirmed, the town representative(s) will be asked to submit their recommendation for the handling of the situation.

  2. This MUST be done the day prior to the next scheduled league game.

  3. League President will review recommendation and Approve or Not Approve

  4. If Not Approved then further discussion will be taken to come a resolution


    (Prior to Step 5 & 6  >>>>  Step 1 will be followed)


  5. If coach – town is involved in a second verified violation then the town or individual will be placed on Probation for the Remainder of the Season

  6. 3rd Violation REVIEW COMMITTEE (Operating Rule #7(b)


  7. Umpires

    Umpires calls will not be reviewed but the failure of an umpire to follow league rules or has demonstrated a lack of understanding of the game rules could lead to them being placed on probation for a specific period of time. If problems continue to arise from same umpire then they could suspension for the balance of the year.

    Continue use of the umpire will result in home team forfeiting future games


)   Will be comprised of 5 individuals - League President, Secretary, and three (3) town representatives.
2)   The three (3) town representatives will be selected randomly

       from the current list of town representatives.
3)   Towns having individuals, coaches, players, fans, parents, entire teams,

       or situations being reviewed by the committee; their representative

       will be excluded from the random selection process.
4)   The President will be responsible for determining the need for the committee to meet.
5)   Review Committee will deal with any issues related to Operating and Field Rules.
6)   They will NOT review decisions made by umpires in game situations.
7)   Review Committee has been given approval by the BOD to make decisions on behalf

      of the league including dropping from the league, or any

      participation in the league.

NOTE: The committee can review specific individuals or team's behavior and its affect on the league and it's reputation.

Rule #8 - ELIGIBILITY DATES for 2021 Season

Maximum age is fourteen (14) years old.

They CANNOT be fifteen (15) years old prior to January 1st of the year in question.

Dates for the 2021 season are 01/01/2006 - 12/31/2007


Maximum age is twelve (12) years old.

They CANNOT be thirteen (13) years old prior to January 1st of the year in question.

Dates for the 2021 season are 01/01/2008 - 12/31/2009

Maximum age is ten (10) years old.

They CANNOT be eleven (11) years old prior to January 1st of the year in question.

Dates for the 2021 season are 01/01/2010 - 12/31/2011

NOTE:Amendment approved by BOD 1-14-07

To permit towns to allow players younger than the stated age requirements, to play in the Didget division, at their discretion, for the purposes of being able to field a team. 

This privilege is not to be abused.

2) BOD APPROVED CHANGE on 4/15/2012

A COACH (can be either the Head Coach or Assistant) MUST (mandatory) ATTEND a COACHES Rules and Procedures meeting.

If a member of the coaching staff fails to comply their respective Town Representative will be contacted.

A team that FAILS to have a member of the coaching staff attend one of the scheduled meeting will not be able to participate in league play.

This will continue until that review has been completed with the League President.


2021 LEAGUE DUES (Increase APPROVED by BOD 2/1/14)
Didget & Broncos:  $45.00

Pony:  $60.00

1)  Per team in the league.
2)  Dues are payable to the League Secretary.
3)  Fifteen dollars ($15.00) of these dues may be paid to the National Baseball

     Congress for chartering fees - for All Star Teams from the league to

     play in the Hap Dumont World Series.
4)  Each participating team and/or town must provide proof of liability insurance in order to have

     a team eligible to participate in league play or in the Hap Dumont

     All-Star Tournament. 
     Recommended minimum insurance coverage should include - death/medical and liability.
     Minimum amounts:       Death    $10,000.00
                                          Medical  $25,000.00
                                          Liability  $50,000.00     (Above minimums are only recommendations.)


5)  BOD (4/2/17)

Any member town that does not have active partipication (any teams) for a period of four years will be dropped as a member of the league.

After that four year period a town would be REQUIRED to follow the process outlined for new towns requesting entry into the league

Note: If a current team in the Tri County League breaks any of the Operational Rules

          That team will be suspended from league participation for the current season of play.


1)  The league schedule shall be the responsibility of the League President.
2)  No regular season game shall be scheduled on Memorial or on July 4th
3)  Date for the start of the regular season and the number of games to be played is decided by the BOD.

4)  BOD APPROVED (4/2/17)

Games that are played at neutral sites MUST be listed on the final regular season schedule when release.

Requests to play at neutral site after the schedule is released MUST BE APPROVED BY THE HOME/HOST TOWN and the League President.

The requesting team will be responsible for covering umpires cost or bring their own umpires.


BOD APPROVED (3/21/21)

Starting with 2021 season the league tournament will be split into two division in order improve the parity of the teams and games

There will be two divisions: Upper Group 1 and Lower Group 2

The split for the two divisions will be determined prior to tournament play and handle by the League President

Upper Group 1 - Semi Final and Finals will remain the same as in past with Towns Hosting per Rotation Schedule

Lower Group 2 - The High Seed will be the home town thoughout entire tournament 

The criteria to figure the seeding for the two levels of League Tournament is as follows:

1)  Percentages will be figured by dividing the team's games won by the number of

      games a team has played. 

     The team with the highest percentage is the #1 seed; the next highest percentage

      will be #2; and so on.
2)  Point system below will be used:  (Approved by BOD 1-14-07)
        Two (2) points for a WIN
        Zero (0) points for a LOSS
        Minus two (-2) points for each team that fails to play any regular season game,

        or fails to make up any weather related canceled game as outlined in Rule #11.
            Note: The team with the highest number of points will be the higher seed.

3.  Head to Head winner


Head to Head criteria will ONLY APPLY if all TEAMS TIED have played each other.

If they have NOT PLAYED EACH OTHER then seeding will drop to criteria #4 - Strength of Schedule and if necessary to criteria # 5
4.  Strength of Schedule
5.  Coin Flip

)  League or tournament games can only be rescheduled as a direct result of

     weather or officially sanctioned school event. 

     League President MUST be notified prior to postponing the game.

2)  Review Committee Decision 5/24/2010:

      Was decided to allow Church Confirmations ONLY as an exception for

      rescheduling games in the 1st Week of the season.

3)  Failure to play a game as scheduled will result in a forfeit and penalty points

     assessed as described in Rule #10, Item two. 

     League and tournament games WILL TAKE PRIORITY over any other commitments.
4)  Umpires Fees for Games re-scheduled at Neutral Sites

     BOD APPROVED 1/18/09:

      In the event a game is needed to play at a NEUTRAL SITE then the home team

      IS RESPONSIBLE for covering ALL umpires fees per the scheduled used

      by the host neutral site.

      It will also be the home teams responsibility to make payment of those fees

      PRIOR to the start of the game.

1) Home team managers will begin notifying the visiting team at least three (3) hours prior to a scheduled game time on any weather related cancelations.
    BOD APPROVED 1/18/09:

    If there is a conflict regarding the playing of a games then the respective coaches MUST

    contact the League President or Secretary for a FINAL DECISION as to the scheduling

    of playing a game.

1)  The league has established deadline dates (as part of the regular season schedule)

      for the first half of the season and for the second half of the season. 
2)  Both teams MUST make every attempt to make up any canceled game. 

     If the game is not made up by the established deadline dates, both teams will receive a

     forfeit and minus two (-2) penalty points will be imposed for tournament seeding.
    a) If the regular season game that is scheduled directly before the first half deadline date is

        canceled then it MUST be made up by the second half deadline date.
    b) If any rescheduled games are canceled for a second time for weather related reasons,

        the teams MUST contact the League President for further direction.



A penalty assessment of ($250.00) will be charged to any town that fails to play their scheduled league tournament game. 

This will be paid to the other team to reduce costs incurred.



1)  Players MUST get a written release from the town they played for the previous year.
2)  This is in effect regardless of the division they played in the previous year.
3)  If a player does refrain from playing in the league for a year, then they are

     free to play in any town of their choosing.
4)  When a player joins a team in the league for the first time, and is listed on the roster and plays

      for that town, it will be considered their local town by the league regardless of any other criteria.
5)  This rule only applies to players wanting to change teams within the league.

1)  When a player requests to be released from their current town, their Tri County League

      Representative must be contacted of the upcoming season player wishes transfer in.
2)  The league representative will have the responsibility to assist in the process of

      identifying those within their town who have the authority to consider

      the players request.
3)  If request is approved, then the Tri County League Town Representative

     whom the player would like to play for must be contacted to help with

     getting a decision for that player within their town.
4)  This transfer, if approved by both parties, must be in writing and signed by the

      responsible parties of authority.

1)   Any town which CANNOT field a team (regardless of division) due to the inability

      to field enough players

      The town has the right to release the remaining players to any other town of

      the player's choice within the league.
2)  This release is only good for the current year of play.
3)  When Tri County League activities are completed for the year, the releases

      are canceled and the players are returned to their original towns.

      This process is considered on an annual basis only. 

      It can be used yearly as required by towns.